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Ruling from Judge Krieger

on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 00:50

Judge Marcia Krieger ruled against a right-wing law firm who was trying to force the inclusion of religious schools into DCSD's revised voucher program. The Virginia-based law firm, Institute for Justice ("IJ"), was seeking an injunction to require Douglas County School District to include religious schools in the latest version of DCSD's voucher program. Judge Krieger refused to issue the requested injunction, and set a date for other parties to file motions to dismiss IJ's lawsuit. The ruling is a significant legal setback for those who are trying to misappropriate public school funds to pay for religious schools.

Judge Krieger issued a very lengthy oral order from the bench; Read the entire ruling here

Today's ruling refocuses attention on the second legal challenge that TFPE is involved in: to enforce the injunction against the "revised" DCSD voucher program introduced by the BoE in March. This injunction was issued by the trial court five years ago and reaffirmed by the Colorado Supreme Court last year. DCSD's latest version of its voucher program violates that injunction. TFPE's Motion to Enforce is still in the briefing stage; we will keep you informed as that case develops.

A very big thanks to our incredible lawyers, Michael McCarthy and his team at Faegre Baker Daniels, who continue to represent us, and the interests of public schoolchildren in Douglas County, pro bono!